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2015 Community Checklist
Posted on May 14th, 2015

  • Repairs to the front gate to bring it operational
    Completed. New contractor has largely solved the issues. 
  • Replacement of the destroyed camera systems that protects the front gate
    Completed. New system installed and operational. 
  • Wireless capability for IP Camera System
    Completed. Video can be checked without opening the box. 
  • Parking in the streets prohibited and why
    Being Enforced. Many notices placed and some limited towing. 
  • Backgate operation project
    Completed. Back gate in full operation for the first time. 
  • Back sign and landscaping
    Incomplete. This should be ready in June. 
  • Fence Cleaning and additional cleaning
    Completed. Exposed fences pressure washed. 
  • Additional Lighting at the gates
    Completed. New wide area lighting now in place at entrance and exits. 
  • Storm water system inspections and new drain covers
    Completed. Storm water systems inspected and covers installed and secured. 
  • "Eyesore" properties
    The "Big" offenders on this are largely cleaned up. New ones are on the radar. 
  • Street light repairs. 
    Many street lights replaced over the last 6 months. Community is reporting them much faster. 
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