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Community Checklist
Posted on Oct 31st, 2014

This will be a simple question and answer list related to the various projects going on at Sunset Ridge: 
  • Item: Repairs to the front gate to bring it operational
    • Answer: Many repairs have been made to the front gate. Each time it has been brought to operational state we had either an additional failure OR it was damaged via drivers attempting to push the gate with their vehicles. We have opted to leave the entrance gate in a OPEN state until the new upgraded camera system is installed.  One added note: The original contractor for the gate repairs has now been replaced with a new one. 
  • Item: Replacement of the destroyed camera systems that protects the front gate
    • Answer: A contractor (Surveillance Plus) has been paid the initial deposit to replace the camera system with a far nicer system than the original. They are currently gathering the components and will have the new system installed very quickly. Once activated we will have our new gate maintenance company activate the front entrance gate at the same time. 
  • Item: Parking in the streets prohibited and why
    • Answer: This is actually in each homeowners deed restrictions. Additionally there is also a Polk country ordinance related to keeping the streets clear so *emergency vehicles such as ambulances and fire trucks can operate within our community. 
  • Item: Replacement of the community sign
    • Answer: The community bulletin board sign has been damaged by rocks and other debris multiple times. The most recent time caused water to destroy most of the board. This has now been completely replaced. 
  • Item: Backgate operation project
    • This is a major project that had to be broken down into multiple projects. There was no electricity coming to the gates and many parts have to either be replaced (or were never purchased at any point). Other issues existed as well. 
    • Good news is the back gate is now well under way. Electricity is now both activated and pulled both across the street from the switch and pulled to the control points around the gate (motors, center console and more). This required both contractors and cooperation from Duke Energy. 
    • A contractor has been selected and the initial monies paid to them to complete the back gate. The back gate should be in operation around the end of November or early December. The back gate will only have PIN code operation and will not have the barcode scanner similar to the front gate. Residents existing codes will work at both gates. 
  • Item: Back sign and landscaping
    • Quotes have been received on a back gate sign and landscaping around the center area and the sides. Once the gate is in operation the board will look at engaging the contractor to begin this work. 
  • Item: Storm water system inspections, drain covers and more
    • Storm drain inspection has been contracted and the report is due any day. Additionally the storm water grates were replaced in late April of this year. 
  • Item: Fence Cleaning and additional cleaning
    • Most of the exposed outer sections of the white fences has been pressure washed. Residents should know they are responsible for the maintenance of their own fences. 
    • Additionally the front area and the roundabout area have been approved to be pressure cleaned as well. 
  • Item: Additional Lighting added
    • 2 Additional street lights are being added to our community. These 2 new lights should be operational by the end of November 2014. 
  • Item: "Eyesore" properties
    • We clearly have some 'eyesore' properties. A lot has gone into trying to get these properties cleaned up. These items include notifications to Polk county about these properties to clean them up, various demand letters, fines and even legal action. At the next board meeting we will look at adding additional ways to deal with these unsightly properties. 
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Comment By: Julija Stasjukova
Posted on Mar 5, 2015

Do we have any updates the landscaping and new sign by the back gate?