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Welcome to the Website of the Sunset Ridge Home Owners Association
~    News & Notices    ~
Posted on Oct 21st, 2017
Phone: 407-774-7262 - Fax 407-774-8375
NOVEMBER 2, 2017 - 7:00 P.M. / SIGN-IN STARTS 6:30 P.M.
Date of Notice: October 2, 2017
Please be advised that the Annual Meeting of the Sunset Ridge Homeowners Association, Inc. will be held on November 2, 2017 at 7:00 P.M. Sign-In will begin at 6:30 P.M. The Meeting will be held at:

Polk County Sheriff’s
Northeast District Command Community Room
1100 Dunson Road
Davenport, FL 33896
Overnight Street Parking Warning
Posted on Jun 16th, 2017
As you know in Sunset Ridge overnight street parking is prohibited. Tow trucks have now been authorized to tow at will anytime a car is caught parked on the street after dark. With this change if your car is on the street at night you will almost certainly be towed without notice. If you have a question about this policy please contact Sutherland Management offices. 
Draft 2017 paint chart
Posted on Jan 3rd, 2017
Draft 2017 Sunset Ridge HOA paint chart attached. 
This was researched and developed by our Treasurer Jeff Deyo Sr. - if there are any comments or questions please let us know. This should be much easier to use and has updated paints that can be obtained much more commonly at local outlets such as Lowes. Great thanks to Jeff for putting this together. 
Posted on Oct 21st, 2016



OCTOBER 27, 2016 - 7:00 P.M. / SIGN-IN STARTS 6:30 P.M.

Date of Notice: October 6, 2016

Please be advised that the Annual Meeting of the Sunset Ridge Homeowners Association, Inc. will be held on October 27, 2016 at 7:00 P.M.  Sign-In will begin at 6:30 P.M.  The Meeting will be held at:

Polk County Sheriff’s
Northeast District Command Community Room
1100 Dunson Road
Davenport, FL  33896
Posted on Oct 6th, 2016
Polk County Florida and the Sunset Ridge community are under a Tropical Storm Warning and a Hurricane Watch. Torrential rains and very damaging are quite possible. These effects could stretch through 10/7/2016. The EMERGENCY EXIT for the community is the FRONT GATE and we have programmed this to stay open during the storm. The back gate should open in the event of power outages but in the event it does not use the front gate for exit. Please take this storm seriously as winds in our subdivision could easily exceed 75MPH or even higher if the storm deviates from it's projected path. 
2015 Community Checklist
Posted on May 14th, 2015
  • Repairs to the front gate to bring it operational
    Completed. New contractor has largely solved the issues. 
  • Replacement of the destroyed camera systems that protects the front gate
    Completed. New system installed and operational. 
  • Wireless capability for IP Camera System
    Completed. Video can be checked without opening the box. 
  • Parking in the streets prohibited and why
    Being Enforced. Many notices placed and some limited towing. 
  • Backgate operation project
    Completed. Back gate in full operation for the first time. 
  • Back sign and landscaping
    Incomplete. This should be ready in June. 
  • Fence Cleaning and additional cleaning
    Completed. Exposed fences pressure washed. 
  • Additional Lighting at the gates
    Completed. New wide area lighting now in place at entrance and exits. 
  • Storm water system inspections and new drain covers
    Completed. Storm water systems inspected and covers installed and secured. 
  • "Eyesore" properties
    The "Big" offenders on this are largely cleaned up. New ones are on the radar. 
  • Street light repairs. 
    Many street lights replaced over the last 6 months. Community is reporting them much faster. 
Board of Directors MEETING May 26th 2015
Posted on May 9th, 2015
The next Sunset Ridge HOA Board of Directors meeting is on:
May 26th, 2015 at 7PM EST.

Northeast District Community Room
1100 Dunson Road –Davenport, Fl. 33896 

We would love to see you there!

Community Checklist
Posted on Oct 31st, 2014
This will be a simple question and answer list related to the various projects going on at Sunset Ridge: 
  • Item: Repairs to the front gate to bring it operational
    • Answer: Many repairs have been made to the front gate. Each time it has been brought to operational state we had either an additional failure OR it was damaged via drivers attempting to push the gate with their vehicles. We have opted to leave the entrance gate in a OPEN state until the new upgraded camera system is installed.  One added note: The original contractor for the gate repairs has now been replaced with a new one. 
  • Item: Replacement of the destroyed camera systems that protects the front gate
    • Answer: A contractor (Surveillance Plus) has been paid the initial deposit to replace the camera system with a far nicer system than the original. They are currently gathering the components and will have the new system installed very quickly. Once activated we will have our new gate maintenance company activate the front entrance gate at the same time. 
  • Item: Parking in the streets prohibited and why
    • Answer: This is actually in each homeowners deed restrictions. Additionally there is also a Polk country ordinance related to keeping the streets clear so *emergency vehicles such as ambulances and fire trucks can operate within our community. 
  • Item: Replacement of the community sign
    • Answer: The community bulletin board sign has been damaged by rocks and other debris multiple times. The most recent time caused water to destroy most of the board. This has now been completely replaced. 
  • Item: Backgate operation project
    • This is a major project that had to be broken down into multiple projects. There was no electricity coming to the gates and many parts have to either be replaced (or were never purchased at any point). Other issues existed as well. 
    • Good news is the back gate is now well under way. Electricity is now both activated and pulled both across the street from the switch and pulled to the control points around the gate (motors, center console and more). This required both contractors and cooperation from Duke Energy. 
    • A contractor has been selected and the initial monies paid to them to complete the back gate. The back gate should be in operation around the end of November or early December. The back gate will only have PIN code operation and will not have the barcode scanner similar to the front gate. Residents existing codes will work at both gates. 
  • Item: Back sign and landscaping
    • Quotes have been received on a back gate sign and landscaping around the center area and the sides. Once the gate is in operation the board will look at engaging the contractor to begin this work. 
  • Item: Storm water system inspections, drain covers and more
    • Storm drain inspection has been contracted and the report is due any day. Additionally the storm water grates were replaced in late April of this year. 
  • Item: Fence Cleaning and additional cleaning
    • Most of the exposed outer sections of the white fences has been pressure washed. Residents should know they are responsible for the maintenance of their own fences. 
    • Additionally the front area and the roundabout area have been approved to be pressure cleaned as well. 
  • Item: Additional Lighting added
    • 2 Additional street lights are being added to our community. These 2 new lights should be operational by the end of November 2014. 
  • Item: "Eyesore" properties
    • We clearly have some 'eyesore' properties. A lot has gone into trying to get these properties cleaned up. These items include notifications to Polk county about these properties to clean them up, various demand letters, fines and even legal action. At the next board meeting we will look at adding additional ways to deal with these unsightly properties. 
Compliance Tip: Overnight Street Parking Strictly Prohibited
Posted on Mar 14th, 2014
Overnight street parking in the Sunset Ridge subdivision is strictly prohibited. The penalties can include towing your vehicle without notice and fines assessed via the association attorney's Larsen and Associates. Please make sure you are in compliance and park your vehicles in your driveway or in your garage. Thank you. 
Streetlights and Gate Update
Posted on Nov 19th, 2013
Here is a quick Sunset Ridge news update. A total of 7 streetlights have been turned into Duke Energy for repair or replacement over the last 2 weeks. We expect these will all be up and running within 7 days. Additionally the computer for the front gate has arrived and is set for an install Wednesday Nov. 20th. 
If you would like to report a damaged street light to Duke Energy here is the link: 

~ Next Board Meeting ~
November 5th, 2014 at 7pm EST. 
Organizational meeting will follow after the annual meeting which will include a vote on the 2015 operating budget. 
Polk County Sheriff's Northeast District Command Community Room
1100 Dunson Road, Davenport, FL 33896. 

~ Surveys & Voting ~
What do you think about our new website?

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~ Lawn Watering ~
You may water your lawns, using potable or reclaimed water on Two Days per Week
 Even addresses - Thursday and/or Sunday
 Odd addresses - Wednesday and/or Saturday
On the designated watering days, one may irrigate lawns and landscape between midnight and 10:00 am or between 4.00pm and midnight
• Hand watering or micro-irrigation of landscaping, other than actual lawn areas, is allowed at any time.
For full information go to  Polk County Utilities 

~ Trash Collection ~
Recycling collection day is Thursday
Yard Waste collection day is Thursday
In order to have your trash bin emptied it has to be placed within 5 feet of the curb or street before
6am on that day.   The handles must face away from the street (directions are on the bin lid)
ALL garbage must be insde the bin with the lid closed.  Nothing outside the bin will be taken unless this is scheduled in advance - see below.  The bin will not be emptied if it is too close to the recycle bin, pole, mailbox, guide wire, vehicle etc as the automated equipment needs 5 feet clearance.
Rinse and place recyclables in yellow recycle bins.
You may recycle
Non-food contaminated paper and flattened cardboard, Plastic containes #1-7, Steel and Aluminum cans, Clear and coloured glass but NOT ceramic mugs,mirrors or window panes
Yard Waste
All yard waste should be bagged or bundled and placed beside the curb.
All bins must be out by 6am and returned to the storage area before 10pm on Thursday
To Schedule Bulk Trash collection (anything which will not fit in your bin) - up to four times a year
OR to order a new recycle bin
OR to obtain a second garbage bin ($100 per year)
OR  to read more click here